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The 2024 fall semester admission application is available from January 10 to March 30, 2024.

Please see the AY2023/24 Admission Prospectus for International Students for application details (information will be updated on December,2023). You may also click each hyperlink for the Application Information and Portal, Available Programs, and Scholarships which will be reviewed and determined with your application by the department admission committee; hence, there is no additional scholarship application required, and the Additional requirement and dept. contacts to further contact for language proficiency and curriculums. We provide a Tutorial video to assist you with the application process. The NCKU Academic Calendar shows you the timeline and activities in the fall semester, which starts in September; the spring semester starts in February. Should you have application questions please contact us at overseas@ncku.edu.tw.

Please visit https://reurl.cc/0ED166 for videos of more detailed information about the Department of Industrial and Information management/ Institute of Information Management and life in NCKU.

  1. Session 1 of the IIM/IM International Student Admission Session
  2. Introduction of the TOMA Lab (Prof. Chung-Chi Hsieh) at IIM, NCKU
  3. Introduction to Prof. Cheng-Han Wu's Lab at IIM, NCKU
  4. Prof. Jen-Yen Lin's Introduction
  5. Introduction to Prof. I-Lin Wang's Lab (Optimization Algorithm Lab) at IIM, NCKU
  6. Scholarships to study in IIM, NCKU
  7. Life in Taiwan
  8. Food and Culture in Taiwan
  9. Introduction to IIM NCKU (in Bahasa Indonesia)
  10. Graduate Student Life @ IIM NCKU (in Bahasa Indonesia)
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