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  • Minimum credits required for graduation: 128 credits.
  • Specialized courses required by the department: 60 credits.

Specialized Courses Required by the Department ( 3 credits each)

Economics (1) (2)


Calculus (1) (2)

Introduction to industrial management

Introduction to computer science

Introduction to information management

Statistics (1) (2)


Operations research

Computer programming and application

Systems analysis and design

Quality management

Organizational behavior

Marketing management

Production and operations management

Database management

Database structure




  • Specialized elective courses: at least 36 credits.


Specialized courses


Specializes elective courses

Production and Operations Management (S1)



S1 ≥ 9

S2 + S3 ≥ 9
(S2≥3, S3≥3)

Information Technology (S2)



S2>= 9

S1 + S3 ≥ 9
(S1≥3, S3≥3)

Management Science (S3)



S3 ≥ 9

S1 + S2 ≥ 9
(S1≥3, S2≥3)

  1. The elective courses required by Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering are also admitted as the elective courses.

  2. The specialized courses required by one of the following departments, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, and Department of Mechanical Engineering, are also admitted as the elective courses. The specialized courses can be admitted only from one of these four departments. At most 9 credits can be admitted.

  3. The list of the specialized elective courses for the department

Specialized Elective Courses Required by the Department
(36 credits )

Special Topic on Industrial And Information Management (1) (2) *

Production and Operations Management (S1)

Information Technology (S2)

Management Science (S3)

Stochastic processes*

Information security

Human resource management*

Cost Accounting*

Management information systems


Human factors engineering

Intelligence Management System

Outline of civil law

Linear algebra

Introduction to electronic commerce

Strategic management

Manufacturing processes

Technology management

Decision-making methods


Windows software design

Financial management


Business communication network

Reengineering Management

Logistics management

JAVA web computing

Practice of Management

Facilities planning

Discrete mathematics

Investment management

Experimental design

Data warehousing system

Service Management

Introduction to simulation


Service Design and Applications

Business automation



Statistical analysis



Supply chain management system



Engineering economics



*Courses with an asterisk are the must-elective courses under each track.

  • General courses required by the University: 32 credits.
    • Core courses required: 16 credits.
    • Basic Chinese: at least 4 credits
    • International Language: at least 4 credits.
    • History and Citizenship: at least 4 credits.
    • Philosophy and Art: at least 4 credits.
  • Interdisciplinary courses required: 10-14 credits.
    • Interdisciplinary courses.
    • Specialized courses and specialized elective courses.
  • Comprehensive courses required: 2-6 credits.

Core Courses
( 16 credits )

Interdisciplinary Courses
( 10~14 credits )

Comprehensive Courses
( 2~6 credits )

1.Basic Chinese
  (4 credits )


1.The Forum for Leadership

2.International Language
( English : 4 credits )

2.Social Sciences

2.The Practice of General Education

3.History and Citizenship
( 4 credits )

3.Natural and Engineering Sciences


4.Philosophy and Art
( 4 credits )

4.Life Sciences and Health



5.Interdisciplinary Integration


For more information, please go to the website of the Department.

  • English Proficiency Test for graduation

Physical Education is required for 4 semesters. The course is compulsory but there is no credit for it.

  • Physical Education

Students are not required to take Military Education. However, if a student wants to be a compulsory officer in service obligation, according to Ministry of National Defense (MND), he should take at least 4 courses on Military Education with the score no less than 70.

  • Military Education
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