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Wong, Tzu-Tsung Professor

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翁慈宗Wong, Tzu-Tsung
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Data Mining、Bayesian Statistics、Compositional Data Analysis、System Reliability

學校名稱 國別 系所 學位 起迄年月
威斯康辛大學 美國 工業工程所 博士 8209 ~ 8712


服務機關 職稱 起迄年月
國立成功大學 教授 1000801 ~ 迄今
國立成功大學 副教授 940801 ~ 1000801
國立成功大學 助理教授 890801 ~ 940801
龍華技術學院 助理教授 880801 ~ 890801



學年度 著作 著作人
2015 Wong, Tzu-Tsung,2015,Performance evaluation of classification algorithms by k-fold and leave-one-out cross validation,PATTERN RECOGNITION; PATTERN RECOGNITION,48(9),pp2839-2846 (SCI) 翁慈宗
2014 Wong, TT,2014,Generalized Dirichlet priors for Naive Bayesian classifiers with multinomial models in document classification,DATA MINING AND KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY; DATA MINING AND KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY,28,1,pp123-144 (SCI) 翁慈宗
2013 Kuan-Liang Liu; Tzu-Tsung Wong,2013,Naive Bayesian classifiers with multinomial models for rRNA taxonomic assignment,IEEE Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics;, (SCI) 翁慈宗
2012 *Wong, T. T.,2012,A hybrid discretization method for naive Bayesian classifiers,Pattern Recognition;,45,6,pp2321-2325 (SCI) 翁慈宗
2012 *Wong, T. T.,2012,Generalized Dirichlet priors for naive Bayesian classifiers with multinomial models in document classification,(accepted by) Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery;, (SCI) 翁慈宗
2011 *Wong, T. T.; Chang, L.-H.,,2011,Individual attribute prior setting methods for naive Bayesian classifiers,Pattern Recognition;,44,5,pp1041-1047 (SCI) 翁慈宗
2011 *Wong, T. T.; Chen, D.-Q.,,2011,A gene selection method for microarray data based on risk genes,Expert Systems with Applications;,38,11,pp14065-14071 (SCI) 翁慈宗
2010 Wong, T. T.,2010,Parameter estimation for generalized Dirichlet distributions from the sample estimates of the first and the second moments of random variables,COMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS;,54,7,pp1756-1765 (SCI) 翁慈宗
2010 Wong, T. T.; Liu K. L.,2010,A Probabilistic mechanism based on clustering analysis and distance measure for subset gene selection,EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS;,37,3,pp2144-2149 (SCI) 翁慈宗
2009 *Wong, T. T.,2009,Alternative prior assumptions for improving the performance of naive Bayesian classifiers,DATA MINING AND KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY;,18,2,pp183-213 (SCI) 翁慈宗
2008 Wong T. T.; Hsu C. H.,2008,

Two-stage classification methods for microarray data

,Expert Systems with Applications;,34,1,pp375-383 (SCI)
2007 Wong, T. T.,2007,Perfect aggregation of Bayesian analysis on compositional data,STATISTICAL PAPERS;,48,2,pp265-282 (SCI) 翁慈宗
2005 Wong T. T.,2005,

A Bayesian Approach Employing Generalized Dirichlet Priors in Predicting Microchip Yields

,Journal of the Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers,22,3,pp210-217 (TSSCI)
2005 Wong T. T.; Lu, Y. T.,2005,Key Factors for Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan to Successfully Implement Information Systems,International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development;,2,1,pp106-121 (other) 翁慈宗
2005 Wong, T. T.,2005,A Bayesian Approach Employing Generalized Dirichlet Priors in Predicting Microchip Yields,Journal of the Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers;,22,3,pp210-217 (TSSCI) 翁慈宗
2005 Wong, T. T.; Tseng, K. L.,2005,Mining negative contrast sets from data with discrete attributes,Expert Systems with Applications;,29,2,pp401-407 (SCI) 翁慈宗
2003 *Hsu C. N.; Huang H. J. ; Wong T. T.,2003,

Implications of the Dirichlet Assumption for Discretization of Continuous Arttributes in Naive Bayesian Classifiers

,Machine Learning;,53,pp235-263 (SCI)


學年度 著作 著作人
2009 Liu, K. L.; Wong, T. T.; Xie, G.; Hengartner, W. N.,2009,Improving Naive Bayesian Classifier for Metagenomic reads assignment,,Proceedings of the International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology;, 翁慈宗
2009 Liu, K.L.; Wong, T. T.,2009,Genome signature based on Bayesian Markov model.,The 20th International Conference on Information Management.;, 翁慈宗
2000 *Hsu C. N.; Huang H. J. ; Wong T. T.,2000,

Why Discretization Works for Naive Bayesian Classifiers




年度 計畫名稱 參與人 計畫時間
2017 使用k等分交互驗證法評估分類方法效能之研究   2017/08/01 ~ 
2015 可於資料前置處理階段使用的混合型離散化方法之研究   2015/08/01 ~ 
2013 用多項式簡易貝氏分類器處理高維度資料時求取廣義狄氏先驗分配參數之方法   2013/08/01 ~ 
2011 多源基因體序列資料的特徵選取與貝氏分類方法之研究   2011/08/01 ~ 
2009 多項式簡易貝氏分類器中廣義狄氏先驗分配進行文件分類之參數設定方法   2009/08/01 ~ 
2008 以致病基因集為先驗資訊的集合基因選取法   2008/08/01 ~ 
2007 以叢集分析與距離測度為基礎之無歸納偏置集合基因選取法   2007/08/01 ~ 
2006 以距離測度為基礎的無歸納偏置集合基因排序法   2006/08/01 ~ 
2000 用貝式統計分析來做晶片生產的預測 林定玉 2000/08/01 ~